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Treloufas, Psematismenos Land

Village: Psematismenos – Location: Treloufas

Piece 28 ? Acreage 2,181 sq. m.

Piece 29 ? Acreage 2,138 sq. m.

Piece 37 ? Acreage 2,069 sq. m.

Piece 47 ? Acreage 1,565 sq. m.

Piece 48 ? Acreage 2,370 sq. m.


Building Coefficient 10%

Building Coverage 10%

Maximum Stories 2

Maximum Building Height 8.30

Small pieces of land in the best spot in the area, Psematismenos . Located on a hill between Zygi , Psematismenos and Maroni and with uninterrupted sea views, these villages are at a distance of 2 kilometres from the sea. They are ideal for investment and are at a point with a variety of development in the surrounding area whilst the proposed public road running along the pieces of land enables them to be listed in the residential and resort area zone. In their present form, they are subject to a right of passage via the public road of Zygi – Psematismenos and access to water drilling that meets the needs of all pieces via electric turbines.

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